El Jardín, on Santana Row in San Jose, is nestled under the shade of a huge California oak. Weather permitting, this Mexican style patio garden offers an inviting outdoor setting including good food and drink making it a perfect place for casual get-togethers.

El Jardín features a wide selection of 100% blue agave tequila, vibrant live music, and a full menu of bistro favorites. Colorful glazed pottery full of lush foliage and the magnificent California oak set the romantic atmosphere of dining in a classic Mexican hacienda. Lounge on the many low-slung chairs and Spanish-style benches or recline on fluffy red pillows while sampling the tapas-style menu. Sit at the rustic wooden bar tables with their tall metal stools while indulging in the vast selection of specialty drinks and tequila infusions, made with fresh juices. Watch people passing by while listening to the festive music of the strolling Mariachi players. El Jardín is open all week to create a romantic, delicious, enjoyable alfresco dining experience like no other space in San Jose.

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